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'Fat Femme' Jessamyn Stanley on Defying Yoga Stereotypes | Fitness | Glamour

Yoga instructor, body activist, and self described "fat femme" talks about strength, going against yoga stereotypes, and the power of doing you. Still haven't ...

2016-06-14 02:04 1,467,577 YouTube

Transgender at 11

Part two of our series surrounding Jazz, a young transgender girl who has know her gender identity since she was only a child. How will puberty affect Jazz's ...

2013-01-20 05:29 35,508,477 YouTube

Ericka Hart's Brooklyn Apartment is a Celebration of Blackness | House Tours | Apartment Therapy

Ericka Hart--a Sex/Racial/Social Justice Educator, activist, and breast cancer survivor with a Master's of Education in Human Sexuality--and their partner Ebony ...

2019-10-23 06:10 112,568 YouTube

Moments Girls Talk - Abstinence before and in marriage

On this episode of Moments Girls talk, the conversation gets so real, what is 'The difference between celibacy and abstinence'. Can you abstain from sex in ...

2017-10-23 25:27 35,826 YouTube

How I Met My Wife

Goodness this is a really long and rambly video about how I met my wife and got married and bla bla bla. Just throwing on some makeup in a purple theme and ...

2020-09-17 27:55 527 YouTube

Kelly Rowland - COFFEE (Official Video)

Stream COFFEE: "To me, COFFEE is about embracing your individuality, sexuality, or imperfections. Not comparing yourself to others.

2020-04-17 02:26 6,606,091 YouTube



2017-08-19 07:16 26 YouTube